Jollyjesters is top of the class when it comes to Book Day. We've done our homework so call us on 01773 609616 to bookmark your costume. Our hire prices start at £5, with most hire costumes in the £5 - £9 price range! We also stock a range of pre-packed book day costumes and accessories if you prefer to buy rather than hire.
JollyjestersJollyjestersJollyjestersJollyjesters But you don't have to buy a full costume! If you're doing something imaginative with cardboard boxes and tinfoil, or just need some bits'n'bobs to make your costume complete, we stock dozens of colours of facepaints and hairspray, and thousands of accessories such as beards, ears, tails, bow-ties, capes, hats, eyemasks and just about everything else! Many thanks to the mums who've sent us these photos!
JollyjestersJollyjesters These are just a selection of the book-character costumes we keep in stock all year round. Please phone us on 01773 609616 for up-to-date information on sizes and availability.

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