JollyjestersCostumes and raffle prizes for charity events

Being a fancy dress shop, we get literally dozens of requests every month from organisations asking about raffle prizes and free or discounted costumes for charity events.

We love to put the 'fun' into fundraising, and it sincerely hurts us to turn down requests for worthy causes, but we'd go out of business if we gave free or cut-price costumes and accessories to everyone who asks.

As an independent shop we already have to keep our prices as low as possible to stay competitive, and there's just not room in our profit margins to donate to everyone.

So, to keep things as fair as possible, we always do our best to look after our regular customers, (a large number of charity requests come from people who've never set foot in our shop before, and probably wouldn't contact us again until their next charity event!) and in many cases we offer a discretionary discount for items hired to charities.

Also we are flexible on the dates the costumes can be collected, so if you need them a few days before the event to take publicity photos to advertise your event on Facebook etc, that should be possible, dates permitting.

Similarly, for raffle prizes it's only fair that we give priority to our regular customers - especially for local events.

Whatever your costume enquiry please phone us on 01773 609616 or click here to email us.

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