Right then... Halloween 2020.
Apparently it's going to be a bit different this year... so let's beat that pesky virus at its own game and give it a Halloween to remember!

There are some terrific ideas on Pinterest for adding a Halloween scarecrow to your front garden, porch or doorstep.
We've chosen these photos because they are straightforward to build either as a family working together, or you can even let the kids loose on making these themselves! There are loads of other awesome ideas on Pinterest and the sky really is the limit. Bring it on!

Scroll down the page for some tips on how to make the shapes and achieve the effects!
JollyjestersAt Jollyjesters we have stripey witch tights and shoe covers, straw, hats and glasses for Cousin It and Michael Jackson, Freaky Blinders and loads of other characters, and of course we have fancy dress costumes, wigs and masks. If you're quick, you can even bag yourself one of the £5 or £10 costumes from our Scarecrow Trail boxes - scroll down the page for more info on these!

A quick way to make a scarecrow with jointed arms and legs is to get some empty plastic pop bottles and use fishing wire or string to join them together for arms and legs. Foam pipe insulation is also useful for shaping a structure, and is lightweight and cheap to buy.

To build a headless scarecrow, make a hole in the bottom end of the bottles and thread them onto some 15mm/22mm curtain poles or plumbing pipe, and then use some flexible plastic sheeting to make the upper body. There are lots of ideas on Pinterest but use your imagination cos for Halloween 2020, anything goes - there are no wrong answers!

JollyjestersOnce you've built your basic scarecrow body shape, you can dress it as any character you want! Create a theme and put a bunch of scarecrow "people" together. Have a HIPPIE HANG-OUT, a 1980s DISCO, a KILLER THRILLER GORILLA CHILLER, some SKELLIES IN WELLIES or a THING ON A SWING. Invite some pumpkin animals along too - why not, it's 2020 and your Garden Party can be whatever you want it to be!JollyjestersJollyjestersJollyjesters
Click on the picture below for video instructions on how to make a child's IT scarecrow, and don't worry if you haven't got any pool noodles - foam pipe insulation from Wilko's or B&M does the exact same job! Jollyjesters
For more costume and make-up ideas, see our regular Halloween page - here.

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